Scouting Alberta {Fort McMurray, Red Deer, Canmore}

November’s 10 on 10 was spent on the road scouting. Scouting new homes and photo locations. We started the day in Red Deer. My van peeking out from the snow is not my preferred subject on a day of travel, however, I didn’t mind that my awesome husband took care of that snow while I stayed warm. We headed to Canmore to scout the area for a wedding that I will be capturing this winter. I loved seeing the mountains and meeting up with an amazing bride to be. We then headed back to Red Deer to explore a few more areas. We spent a lot of hours on the road so yes, I did succumb to fast food:(At some point along the journey I turned around to capture my little monsters, cooperative or not. Before dinner in Camrose, Rowan spent some time honing the craft of paper airplane making with his grandpa and we went out to fly them in the snow before the sun set for the day. Yes we travelled from Red Deer to Canmore, back to Red Deer and north to Camrose in one day…not too many photo opportunities but a full day to say the least. Stop by and visit my 10 on 10 friends Sara, Beth and Amy to see what they filled their days with!

November 12, 2013 - 10:21 am

Sara Arrigoni - Thanks, Carm! I look forward to seeing more pictures from wherever you end up. And you already have so much snow!!! That is more than we usually get in a year :)

November 12, 2013 - 10:41 am

Amy RHodes - Your photographs are so beautiful! I can’t believe you are already buried in snow!!

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