How it Works

“There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.” J.K. Rowling

Photo Tales by Carmalee believes in preserving your story in a format that you can share and enjoy forever.

What to Expect

Photo Tales by Carmalee provides a full service expereince.

You’ve gotten this far. You know why it is so important to photograph your your family. Maybe you have convinced your husband, maybe you haven’t but you know for sure that seeing those smiling faces on your wall can help you to get through some of the toughest moments. We set up an appointment and then what?

It  will all start a with a phone call or questionnaire so that I can get to know you better and help you to plan for the session.  You pay your session fee to secure a spot and remind your husband how much fun it will be. Oh don’t forget to tell him about that dinner with friends that you skipped to spend valuable time with him and the kids. I’m available for questions and to provide advise through the full process.

The day of your session we’ll meet at the agreed upon location. Plan for fun games, lots of smiles and prompts to encourage true emotion during your session. It’s also okay to bribe the kids all you want but remember you get a break from parenting during the session. Yes, I do let the kids do things that their parents may not normally do…like going into the lake with their clothes on. By the end of the session little ones are usually tired but everyone has had a lot of fun! These sessions average 2 hours. Shorter special edition sessions are offered seasonally or as fundraisers. Imagination sessions do require props and additional planning by both of us as well as a little more time for set-up on location.

After your session I’ll take a few weeks to perfect your images but it won’t be long before you receive a sweet little surprise in your inbox in the form of a multimedia presentation showcasing your story.  At this time we will also schedule your custom consultation.

The consultation that follows each session can take place in studio or in your home. Tears and tissue are common. We’ll spend some time going through the images to select your favourites and then you can tell me exactly what you want or I can make recommendations based on your needs. We can even view what some of the images will look like on your own walls! Custom products are designed to meet the needs of each client. Anyone that may influence your selection decision should be present at this consultation. It is at this time that final product selection and ordering is done. This is your chance to invest in your family, you’ll probably want one of everything. You didn’t need that new television anyway, but I’ll tell you what; if ou can’t decide there is always the payment plan.

You wait patiently for your new decor; it feels good to fill those voids on your walls with your precious family. Everyone that steps into your home says “Wow, that is so you!”; you are one proud parent!



“This is the best day of my life” One very wet child following a session with her sisters.


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