Common Questions

What is your style?

My style is all about fun, adventure and telling your story. I want everyone to connect with one another and share true emotion. Very few of my images are “look at the camera and smile” images although I do have a few games up my sleeve that capture the beauty of your family all together in the same frame!

When should I schedule?

I have a limited number of sessions available. It is recommended that you book early to get the date that you want. Given the nature of the session, imagination sessions should be booked one month in advance to allow for creation and acquisition of props. Send me a note and we’ll schedule a phone date to talk about your preferred dates.

 What is the process?

I’ll guide you every step along the way. We’ll start with a questionnaire and phone dates to get to know one another and determine your needs. Once your session date is scheduled and confirmed with a session deposit we’ll decide on a location. A couple of days before your session I will send you a little reminder and provide any support you need to prepare. The day of the session we will meet at the predetermined location. I like to spend a few moments getting to know your family. We’ll march or sing to the perfect spot; I want the children to know that it is okay to be ourselves and have a little fun. Your session will include prompts and games chosen specifically for your family. I like the real smiles that this gets me. sometimes it gets me a little bit of attitude or sass, I like that too. Within a few weeks you’ll receive something special in your inbox. I send all clients a multimedia video to preview their images prior to their consultation. You can watch it over and over but just for a few days. You want to have your in person consultation before life gets too busy. This can be done in studio or in your own home.We’ll spend time going through the images together and I’ll help you to select the products that will work best in your home. I can even show you what a collage will look like on our own walls. All image selection and product ordering will take place at the consultation. Payment will be made at this time; payment plans are available for large wish lists. In six weeks your images will be delivered to you locally. At this time they are ready to hang on your walls and share with your family and friends.

Where do we hold the session?

The session location is something we discuss and agree upon prior to the session. It is based on the clients interests and preferences or theme of the session. It can be just about anywhere; I like to explore new places, how about you? I do have an in-home studio as well for basic studio creations or really cold weather!

What should I wear?

I think this is the hardest part of any photo session; its even challenging for me and my family every year! There are a few things to keep in mind.

1) Multiple patterns or all black and white take your eyes away from beautiful faces in your photographs.

2) Everyone should be themselves. Little tip; if it makes you feel beautiful then your images will be beautiful. For little ones, if it makes them uncomfortable we will see that discomfort in the images or we might get a great series of that little man stripping off his tie or a sweet girl pulling the bows out of her hair.

3) Coordinate but don’t go matchy match. Pick a palette of colours that you like and work within that. For a few ideas visit my What to Wear Pinterest page.

4) Bring along extras. If you aren’t sure I’d be happy to help. Send me pictures of outfit options or bring a few outfits with you. If you arrive with a suitcase in hand I’m good with that.

5) Choose footwear wisely. If the location we’ve chosen includes a bit of a hike be sure everyone has appropriate footwear. Dainty dress shoes look great in your photos but we don’t want anyone in pain before the session starts. Carry them along and put them one upon arrival at our destination.

6) Prepare for the elements. There is no such thing as an accurate forecast. Be prepared with sun lotion, hats, umbrellas, mittens or whatever the season dictates. Sometimes these things make for great props too. Oh, and don’t forget the bug spray. we certainly don’t want the mosquitos carrying you away.

7) When choosing outfits pick the hardest person to dress first (that’s often mom). Coordinate everyone else’s outfit around theirs.

How do I view my images?

Within three weeks of your session you’ll receive a sneak peek of your images in the form of a multimedia presentation. We’ll then go through your images in detail during your in person consultation. An online  gallery is available as an add-on to your product order if you want to give your friends and family an opportunity to preview your images and choose their favorites too.

When will my order be ready?

Given the custom nature of many of the products, you will receive your order six weeks after confirming final details such as album layouts.  If you want to have somthing in time for a special event or gift please ask.

Do you deliver?

Yes, I make one local delivery attempt per order. I will do my best to arrage a time that works for both of us but in the event that nobody answers the door I do require clients to pick up their orders from my studio. Long distance product orders are arrange on a case by case basis.

Can I order more products from my session in the future?

I encourage clients to order everything that they love at the in person consultation. All sessions are purged from my system after 60 days. I do not guarantee archival of images but for a minimum product purchase $500 I will be willing to attempt recovery previously ordered images.

Are digital files available?

I prefer that clients enjoy the images from their sessions everyday. I am also committed to providing only professional quality products to my clients. For these reasons, digital files are only available for purchase with a product order.

What does it cost?

Professional photos are an investment of my clients and my energy and time. I go above and beyond for each individual client. I require a minimum purchase of $297, but most clients love their images and my products so much that they invest $800 to $1800. Yes, payment plans are available to help you get your full wish list.

How can I reach you?

Everything I do is by appointment, even phone dates. Message me at and we’ll set something up.




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