From the Island with Appreciation

The last time I visited Ucluelet, British Columbia it was after it had been featured on a show called ‘Best Places to Kiss’. I have no idea how long that show ran on television as I never continued to watch after we booked our honeymoon. We spent a week and loved the hikes, kayaking, and boat tour adventures that we went on. Fast forward seventeen years when Dave, Paul and Stan post a workshop called Stormy Shores through Offbeat. We just had to come back but this time I brought more than the man I married, I brought my big-girl camera and he brought his camera too.

Once again we stayed a week but we didn’t see any stormy shores. As the sun warmed us every day and the moon shone down each night the colours left me in shutter stopping awe. I have this habit of taking in what I am seeing and and forget to capture it.





Being part of the Stormy Shores workshop meant that I was surrounded by many talented photographers and I took the opportunity to push myself to shooting in ways that I wouldn’t normally. Working in monochrome and with in camera double exposures resulted in some interesting photos and a coveted Brosha 2018 calendar but more importantly a different way of viewing my surroundings.




It was fun capturing the fog, the waves and the pure ocean energy, especially with slow shutters or my next gear purchase, a long lens holder or gimbal.





All of the critters also provided for much entertainment and many laughs. Thank you Dave, Paul, Stan, and all of my new friends from Stormy Shores 2017 for helping me to learn, pushing me beyond my comfort zone, adding the ‘hook’ to images.



Once again we had a great time. Next time the boys are coming too. I hope you enjoyed my story.

From the island with LOVE APPRECIATION.


Crescent Falls Hiking {Red Deer Photography}

Mid day isn’t my favourite time of day to photograph but these certainly are my favourite people. We headed to crescent falls and did the full hike in (even though you can actually drive right up to Crescent Falls). The boys had a blast smashing glass (thin sheets of ice) on the rocks but the highlights were the rope climb down to the base of the falls and the fact that they got to use their knives!